Nathan Bell – Red, White And American Blues (it couldn’t happen here) 13 Song CD


Track List:
01. Angola Prison
02. American Gun (featuring Patty Griffin)
03. American Blues (for GSH)
04. Retread Cadillac (lightnin’) (featuring Regina McCrary)
05. A Lucky Man (for my father, the original Dead Man) (featuring Patty Griffin)
06. Wrong Man for the Job
07. When You’re Dead (Ghost reflects on his dire circumstances)
08. Mossberg Blues (featuring Regina McCrary)
09. Running on the Razor (family) (featuring Aubrie Sellers) (EXPLICIT)
10. Zensuit’s Samadhi Blues
11. Monday, Monday (the bony fingers reprise)
12. To Each of Us (a shadow) (featuring Patty Griffin)
13. Folding Money (you better move along)

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